Madagascar is an Island located on the south east part of Africa main land. It has a tropical climate good for farming and growing tropical products. Each part of the country is different; it has its typical production according to the region’s climate and geographical location.

The country is reach in term of natural resources such as mining products, sea products, green products, raw materials, touristic sites, etc. beautiful sceneries, mountain, forest, dry areas, and beaches from north to south. Malagasy people have a high sense of hospitality and welcoming. Several airlines are connecting Madagascar to the world such as Air Madagascar, Air France, Air Mauritis, Turkish airlines etc.

International freighters are operating in the country and the biggest Sea Port is located in the province of Toamasina on the east coast. Banks and several financial institutions are represented in the country such as Bank of Africa, Société Générale, BMOI, UCB, SBM….. International financial operations and transactions are available.